Bushra Khalid

Bushra Khalid

My name is Bushra and I am 26 years old and already have 2 sons and a daughter. I wanted to be a school teacher growing up but then my father got sick and I took this job to pay for his bills. I sit on my stitching machine 8 hours a day making polo shirts for British High Street Brands. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, working in the factory is nowhere close to being a school teacher but now I love working here.

I’ve also recently become a labor leader. I sit with the management and work on labour demands, i.e stricter sexual misconduct policies, more training programs for women and day care center for working mothers who can't leave their kids at home.
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Un will me marri me


Your children will be the greatest doctor of the era ✌️ Keep shining peaple want to see you 🔆💯

Khawaja fakhar

Aap logon ne proof Kiya hai woman kisi se Kam nahin


A strong lady with a big heart.


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