elo is Pakistan's favourite supplier of promotional products, corporate gifts and custom apparel. We supply an extensive range of high-quality, cost effective promotional merchandise to Pakistan organisations, businesses and events. All of our promotional items can be skillfully branded with your unique logo, message or design, ensuring it resonates with your brand’s identity. With a wealth of experience in the industry, our team of knowledgeable experts promise to exceed your expectations at every touchpoint. Whether you need assistance in selecting the perfect corporate gift across our range, customising branded elements or facilitating the distribution of bulk promotion products, elo is your go-to partner.

Our enduring commitment to excellence fosters the relationships our team have with government departments, non-profit organisations and general members of the community. This enables elo to personally service each client, unique to their own promotional merchandise budget and deadlines all whilst fulfilling individual branding requirements. Choose us to fulfil your promotional needs with our extensive range of customisable products as we empower our clients to build impactful and outstanding marketing campaigns.

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Screenprinting (Standard plastisol)

Our Screen Printing Process and expertise offers the opportunity and Versatility to create a variety of different graphics to suit you and your brand. Offering Puff, Glitter, metallic or high density printing we at Avid Apparel offer a detail-oriented process to ensure a quality print for your product!

Water Based 

If you are looking for something vivid and bright in nature but unapparent to the touch, Water Based printing allows for the bright, expressive print that you may be looking for. With your design embedded in the fabric it provides a crisp print that is more than suitable for your more vibrant graphics!

Specialty Ink: Puff

Our Puff based Plastisol ink offers an alternative for our generically used fabric integrated designs. Altered with a heat receptive foaming operative, the ink expands when exposed to higher temperatures providing a unique textured feel to your Garment.

Specialty Ink: Glitter

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, something to conceptually add a dramatic and expressive feel to your design our Glitter based ink adds a sparkle to your garment for an exciting alternative!

Specialty Ink: Metallic

As opposed to a transfer or overlay treatment, Metallic ink offers a noticeable shine to your apparel, the ink comes in both Silver and Gold and presents you with a viable choice if you are looking to add a bold and dynamic look to your design.

Specialty Ink: High Density

If you’re looking to add texture and depth to your screenprint then our High Density printing process may be what your brand is looking for. Offering a textured quality print that sits (⅛)  just above the garments surface. This layered print technique offers a unique feel to your design.

Specialty Ink: Glow-in-the-Dark

Offering an exclusive enhancement to your print, our glow in the dark ink displays as white in the light and illuminates in the dark. Coming in various custom glow colours this ink offers a two-fold display to a singular design.

DTG (Direct-To-Garment)

For your Multi-Colour, Photorealistic images Direct to Garment offers the process you need to ensure quality through a digital platform! With our state of the art in-house inkjet printer we  have the ability and know how to print multi-colour, photorealistic images that are cured to perfection!


Handled with the same care and detailed service of our standard Screenprint, Embroidery enhances your two-dimensional design through detailed stitching sure to give your garment an alternative look that offers a unique textured finish.