Ayesha Nawaz

Ayesha Nawaz

Ayesha Nawaz
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"I was born in Makkuana, a small village outside Faisalabad. I dreamed of a life that was very different, where I could finish my education and become a doctor. Despite me being a top student in my class, everything changed when I turned 15 and was married to a man with few means. My dreams of becoming a doctor ended and for the last 10 years, I’ve been working in a garments factory instead. Life didn't turn out to be the way I wanted it to be however I am proud to be an equal bread-winning partner with my husband and to know that my hard work allows my daughters to go to school and pursue their dreams makes me smile with joy. I work all day, stitching & finishing hoodies, tee shirts & polo shirts. Making sure they are perfect for you."

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جزاک اللہ، بہت شکریہ آپ کا۔ اللہ آپ کو محنت کا اجر دے اور ڈھیروں دعائیں آپ کی ننھی گڑیا کیلئے۔ انشااللہ ایک دن وہ ضرور ڈاکٹر بن کر آپ کاخواب پورا کرے گی

Asif Bashir Khan

Thanku Ayesha sister
IN SHA ALLAH ap ki mehnat ka return zror mily ga apki beti apni life men successful hogi aur us sb ka credit just apko jaye ga.

Khalid ijaz

Wish You best of luck,Almighty Allah Gives you Happiness when your Daughtwill be Doctor

Asif Ali Buriro

Your company must thought about you not to sell about you. We have sympathy with you.


Inshallah aapki beti aapk dream Pura karegi Allah ko himmat de


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