Ali Noman

Ali Noman

Ali Noman
(Packing Manager)

How many garments are you going to pack today?

We store received about 15000 garments from our stitching line last night and we aim to pack all those garments today. We have about 3 packing tables which consist of 40 packers. Each table has a packing target of 5000 garments for today.

The packing capacity varies a lot as it is dependent on the nature of packing our export customer requires. Sometimes, we put 50 half folded pieces in 1 master poly bag which is quite easy compared to packing assorted colours and designs in 1 underwear cascade pack which takes a lot longer.

I get very stressed out when we have to pack assorted colours and assorted sizes in 1 box. When you see three different coloured underwears bundled together in a cascade packing, think of the hardworking packers effort behind it!!

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