Haroon Nisar

Haroon Nisar

Haroon Nisar
(Production Manager)

What is the toughest part of your job?

As a head of operations, I have to liaise between planning, production, purchase, shipping and merchandising. The job itself is very tough especially when you have 400 orders running in the factory at one time. Our export order vary from as low as  1000 garments to 300,000 garments.

There are several departments involved in the completion of an order and even if one person overlooks a small order detail or forgets to communicate key information to other team members, the order gets jeopardised. I have to make sure everything runs perfectly hence I have to be on top of all those 400 orders!!!

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assalam u alaikum

Kindly let me know if you ppl have stock lots of denim pants or not




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