Naeem Ahmed AKA Guddu

Naeem Ahmed AKA Guddu

Naeem Ahmed
(Pattern Incharge)

Can you tell us about your work history at the factory?

I joined the company back in 1991, when there were less than 100 employees in the factory. The factory was minute compared to the current size. Because of the smaller size of the factory, the management of the factory was more approachable.

I worked as an Over Lock Operator in the stitching line from 1991-1993 and then as a Flat Lock Operator from 1993-1996. In 1996, the factory established the Sampling Room. It was only me and Master Shah who worked on all the samples from cutting the fabric to stitching and packing the garment. The sampling room grew so did the company.

I witnessed the company’s metamorphosis from a small scale factory to one of the leading textile company in Pakistan. I am very proud to play a part in the company’s success!

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