What is Export Leftovers?

What is Export Leftovers?

Here's a bit of an intro of Export Leftovers by our Co Founder, Umar Qamar.

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Sir Can You Please Explain The Difference Between Export Leftover Products And Used Products. Is Export Leftover Are Used Products? I Have To File A Case Against Online Company.

Asfand Ali

Hi ,

Dear Concern ,

I am looking to buy your bulk quantity in shirts and Jeans.

Would appriciate if you share contact details and i will go further with that person.


Imran Butt

What Umar means by cost price at factory level. We buy the goods below cost from the factories and sell them at the factory cost prices.

Qamar Aftab

Hi Bilal I think you should listen to Umar carefully. He started this business to get rid of his warehouse inventory, ELO is selling goods at cost price of the goods which is still higher than the lotia (wholesaler price). A lotia would have bought the polo shirt they are selling at Rs.199 for a mere Rs.50. So whatever ELO is doing makes perfect sense. They are getting the best price for the leftover items. Believe me as I work in textiles myself.

Junaid Bhatti

you are saying that you guyz are selling items on cost price? Every knows that businesses can’t run without profit and no business could survive while selling things on cost price.


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