We turned leftover collars in to these cool bags.

We turned leftover collars in to these cool bags.

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Good product, I am a frequent buyer from elo, your products are good in a very affordable price.
but please trim down the accent, why all your executives are forcing these fake accents, if you so wish to speak English kindly speak normally, there is nothing wrong with a desi accent atleast you will look normal and more believable, this fake English accent portrays you as an imposter and it makes the viewer cringe as well
Apart from that, keep up the good work. Delivery time is excellent, products are as described, price points are amazing
Thumbs Up for you and your team!

Muhammad Jawad

Cool idea and nice products at affordable prices but please stop this fake accent English ads… Most of your target customers don’t understand English. Thanks. Keep up the good work.. good luck

Muhammad Waqas

are these still avaible i bought them and very happy with its performance i want to buy more…


This is cool


I need left over loose febric,is there any way? From where and how I collect the febric

nargis rehman

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