The First Ever "Hoodini" !!

The First Ever "Hoodini" !!

Oh the Hoodini. Our first ever Hoodini Hoodie is finally here in London. The merchandise is made out of leftover fabric and accessories. Yup, even the zips we used in this hoodie are leftovers. No trees were cut, no rivers were polluted and no child labour was used  in making this Hoodie. This hoodie is going to be sold at £10-15 in UK because we at ELO/ Polo Republica & Hoodini firmly believe that no-one should £45+ to just buy a sustainable piece of clothing.
We are very proud to be the first ever sustainable & ethical clothing brand to spawn out of Pakistan. We are selling off some of the first prototypes of this cool sustainable hoodie at Cass Business School, London. 
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dude this is suuperb and amazing, your customer and fan oready !! Go Go Goooooo (Y)


Proud of you guys!! Well done!!

Junaid Khan

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