ELO Founder wins £3,000 cash prize at City Starters Weekend in UK.

ELO Founder wins £3,000 cash prize at City Starters Weekend in UK.

Our Founder, Umar Qamar is currently pursuing a Master's Degree at the prestigious Cass Business School in London, UK. He pitched his vision of using leftover fabric to make cool trendy "Hoodini" Hoodies for the UK market.

There are over 3000 Garments factories in Pakistan and an average medium sized factory in the country wastes 100,000 KGs of fabric per annum. You do the math, there is a hell lot of leftover fabric. He wants to change all that. 

His idea won him a £3,000 cash prize at the City Starters Weekend.


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Congrats Umar and ELO team ! If only more people would think of ways to re-cycle waste productively into useful by-products. My suggestion is that you be a case study material for any business school and someone should write your success story for many management subjects! Your leadership, vision, team management and service delivery/quality etc can inspire and teach many e-biz start ups and running virtual businesses a lot of lessons.


Thank you Fatima. We already have a limited selection of toddlers and infants. Let me know if you need more details.

Qamar Aftab

Good Job! you guys I wish only the best for yall and ELO!! God Bless.


Congrats Bro ..

kindly add some baby stuff ..

Akbar Bangash

congrats….hope your idea will do something good to Pakistan in future….


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