Ms. Bharad & Mr. Peters (UK) visit to the factory.

One of our partner factories was very pleased to welcome Ms. Bharad and Mr. Peters from UK. The visit was a great success for both the parties. During the visit a number of MOUs were signed between both the companies. 

Additionally Ms. Bharad, who is a strong advocate of women at workplace also wants more women involvement at the factory. With her help the company plans to have 50% women workforce in the factory by 2018. The factory has launched an intensive women training program where 100 women will receive free training every 3 months. The factory will offer free pick & drop service as well as a Rs.5000 per month stipend per person.

The products produced for Ms. Bharad and Mr. Peters company can be seen here.

Mr. Hassan Aqeel welcoming Ms. Bharad

Factory visit begins.

Production Hall

Ms. Bharad being briefed by Mr. Aqeel

Mr. Peters with Mr. Shamas

Mr. Hassan Aqeel translating for Ms. Bharad

Ms. Bharad enquiring about gender equality and treatment of women at the factory.

Ms. Bharad inspecting the product quality.

Ms. Bharad inspecting the product quality.

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