Say Hello to the new Ping Pong Table!

Think of the average day at work. The bell goes off and you start work, have lunch and it’s all very mechanical like school. You need small breaks during your work hours. Little time to reflect and think. With a game like Table Tennis you can get up, play for 20 mins, break a lil sweat, get your brain racing and come back to work refreshed.

Umar Qamar, Director at Export Leftovers adds "It’s all about the cool workplace. In Facebook & Google offices abroad they have things like hammocks, micro kitchens and free Starbucks. These companies are creating communities at work, it’s a way to keep employees going and gives them something to talk about. We at Export Leftovers want to bring the same culture in Pakistan. We want Export Leftovers/ Polo Republica to become a more enviable work place."

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A happy and relaxed, but professional workplace reflects itself in the quality of products and services. Small things like a dart board, this table, a boxing sandbag hung in a corner, a basketball hoop on a wall somewhere to the side, small but fair competitions among the employees, awards like employee of the week, all are effective ways to de-stress and motivate. Step in the right direction.


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