Polo Republica Announces The Introduction Of New Stylish Eye Wear Range

Polo Republica Announces The Introduction Of New Stylish Eye Wear Range

This launch follows in the footsteps of previous successful line extensions into casual shirts, sports equipment and eastern wear.

With its unique, definitive design and superior quality, Polo Republica have long been distinguished as a symbol of style and ingrained in the fabric of Pakistani fashion scene. 

The new Polo Republica eyewear range, including sunglasses and reading glasses are carefully crafted using exotic bamboo wood and are designed for both men and women. The collection features contemporary and wearable shapes, with modern manufacturing techniques and stylish finishes.

Collection can be viewed here.
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its totally wrong that they don’t have return or exchange policy in fact they have strong return and exchange policy without any question and return the amount within no time


Buy Products from this site they are very effective return & Exchange Policy and excelent quality products

Shafqat Malik

Its wrong that they don’t have an effective exchange policy. I bought a belt and i needed to change the size. They exchanged it within no time and without any courier charges.

Ali Kamran

Usman I think you ought to read their exchange policy before commenting here. They offer 30 days no questions asked money back policy.

Ahmed Sheikh

Dont buy anything from them, they send me defected shirts and wrong size shirts, its just waste of your money if u buy from them, no exchange no refund, its all fake


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