We are on the move!

Export Leftovers will soon be able to help more Pakistanis get what they need.  We are adding another 1500 square foot extension to our existing 2500 square foot warehouse in Faisalabad.With the increase in storage capacity, Export Leftovers will be able to house 100,000 garments.

Founder of Export Leftovers, Umar Qamar said the move was sparked by increasing orders from customers nationwide.

He said: “This year has been really good and we have already taken on five new members of staff and its only March.

Sufyan Mustafa, General Manager at Export Leftovers said. "We’ve had a really busy few months not only with customers but also with our inventories and new shipping/fulfilment software".

He added, "It is a pretty cool software that saves us a lot of time with our order fulfilment. The new software has enabled us to pack and dispatch twice the number of orders".


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