Additional Production Capacity!

IMG, the biggest export factory supplying garments to Export Leftovers is pleased to announce that it has increased its production capacity by adding an additional 200 stitching machines, adjacent to its current facility in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Since December 2013, IMG has received an increasing number of orders (with the order rate by October 2013 being greater than IMG current production capacity) and this has therefore created a greater need for more production space to enable the reorganisation and expansion of production processes. It is expected that this essential expansion will allow IMG to successfully fulfil its growing pipeline for product deliveries during 2014/2015.

The Company has been increasing its staff resources in production since late 2013 and expects to continue its recruitment programme to meet customer demand. The extra production capacity will also allow us to reduce product delivery times and improve customer service. The reorganisation of warehousing and storage space is expected to provide an immediate benefit to production capacities and allow for further increases to above breakeven capacity levels, based on current product mix, as the new facility is now operational.

Qamar Aftab, Chief Executive of IMG commented: "We are delighted with the increased and growing interest in IMG's products over the last one year and are pleased that we have moved quickly to secure these new facilities. With the new production capacity in place we expect to be able to fulfil all our production requirements during 2014/2015 and to meet our clients’ orders within an acceptable delivery timeframe."

CEO inaugurates the new production hall.

New Production Hall

Stitching Machines.

Inspection Tables

 CEO with Marketing Director.

And the factory celebrates.

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Fabric Manager with Production Manager.

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